April 24, 2016

Upgrade Your Porch: Paint and Accessorize

The porch is that part of your house that always received the first impression from your visitors and from passersby. It is also that part of the house that is always overlooked and the last place on the to-do-list when you talk about house repairs, renovations or improvements.

Considering that your porch has an important function in your house, you have to do something to make your porch lovely and presentable. You should also make your porch comfortable to also make your visitors relax and feel comfortable before they enter your house.


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Well, now is the time for you to give your porch a closer look. Is it presentable? Does it have some exterior furnishings and designs? You can still do something to improve it. If you think that your porch needs to be renovated or improved, you have to do it right away. Remember, first impression lasts. If your visitors and other people will have a positive impression of your house the moment they step on your porch, they will bring it with them as they go out and leave your house.

Assess Your Porch

If you’re thinking to improve your porch you can actually do many things to give it a magical touch. First, you have to look around to see what you can actually do. Consider the paintings on the wall, the ceiling and the door. Consider the floor tiles  and the floor area of the porch. After assessing the actual condition of your porch you can now decide what kind of works to do to give your porch a makeover.

Retouch the Walls and Ceilings

There are many things that you can do to improve your porch. You can start by painting the ceiling and the walls. Painting the ceiling can give a relaxing atmosphere. You can also consider changing the light of your porch.  A hanging light or wall lamp will be just great. Painting your main door can make your door look more appealing. It can also give a good impact to your porch.

Make the Floor Look New

Maybe you can use floor tiles or paint the floor with floor paint. If the floor tiles still look good, you can place a decorative floor mat or a floor rug. A personalized doormat or rug will be a good idea. Place it at the main door. This will make your porch more stylish.

Add Furniture


Photo source: http://howtofurnish.com/front-porch-adornment/

Placing furniture on the porch like a sofa, bench or a lounge set can make your porch more comfortable and cozy. A wooden bench or chair or a garden set will give a welcoming atmosphere in your porch. Consider the area of your porch before deciding the size of the furniture that you will use. Porch with a bigger area must be furnished with bigger furniture while a smaller area porch will look good with smaller size furniture.

Place Plants

Another simple, easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your porch is by placing plants in the corner or at the sides of the main door. You can use a tall or wide plant, or a combination to give your porch a more welcoming atmosphere. Placing flowers on the table will also be a good idea. Use a nice flower pot or flower vase or a personalized pot or vase to make the porch more stylish and attractive.

Put a Welcome Sign

For your bare wall, in the porch, a frame or a welcome sign in the door will give justice to your wall. However, if the paintings on the wall already need to be replaced, you can have it repainted using the same color or a new color for a change.

Construct Balusters

Placing balusters in the porch can give you  security and privacy because it will discourage strangers from entering your house, especially when nobody is left inside. It will also prevent animals like cats and dogs from getting into your porch.

Adding life and color to your porch will make your porch more appealing. This will make passersby turn their heads twice or even thrice once they saw your porch. An attractive porch will always get a good impression that will really last a lifetime.

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