May 4, 2016

Tips in Cleaning Your Deck

A deck is a structure that can be freestanding or attached to the house. This structure is built at different levels and to take advantage with a view. It can be built of wood, vinyl and composite materials. Many homeowners prefer vinyl and composite materials because they don’t warp and splinter. Just like patios, a deck is exposed to outside and environmental elements, thus it easily gets stained. With this, it’s important to know some tips in cleaning your deck.

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Many people were taking for granted the importance of cleaning the deck. But, it’s important to clean it to avoid mildew and mold build up. Thus, it makes sense knowing some tips to make your deck clean and gleaming.

1. Sweep up

The deck is the part of your house that easily gets wet. That’s why once it gets dry, you should sweep the dirt before it sticks and becomes difficult to peel off. You can also use a brush to sweep away the dirt.

2. Protect the plants

If there are plants in the surroundings of the deck, make sure to cover the plants. Cleaning the deck involves using soapy chemicals that may damage or harm the plants. That’s why starting to clean the deck you should cover the plants with plastic drape or cloth.

3. Scrub the deck with detergent

Scrubbing the deck with high quality detergent is recommended. However, make sure that the detergent is suitable to the surface or material of the deck. Follow the instructions of mixing the solution to ensure that it won’t damage the surface and use stiff brush in scrubbing the surface. Smaller brush should be used to reach out awkward crevices. Rinse the area by using a good hose or you may prefer using pressure washer.

If the deck is made of stone, you should be careful in using detergents as it can discolor the surface. Instead, you can use liquid solution mixed with warm water and scrub it with soft nylon brush. After which you should rinse the deck well to remove the liquid solution. If there are small spaces in between the stone, you can spray white vinegar to prevent weed’s growth.

4.  Use pressure washer

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If you will use pressure washer in your deck, you should be extra careful. It’s because the pressure can damage the grout in between stones. Using pressure washer is discouraged if the surface of the deck is made of wood.

In cleaning the deck, you should pay attention and attack the stubborn stains. Obviously, simply scrubbing the surface doesn’t guarantee removing the stains. In this case, you should use non-chlorine bleach in removing stubborn stains and rinse it afterwards.  In addition, cleaning your deck doesn’t end on scrubbing the dirt and stains. It also includes additional maintenance such as checking any nail heads popping up on the deck boards. Replace missing screws or tighten loose posts or rails.

If the deck is made of wood, you can enhance its appearance by using wood brightener. It will make the wood look like newly sawn and becomes more resistant to stain. Use solution that is safe to wood and environmentally safe. You can buy wood brighteners that are premixed or dilute the solution with water. Be careful in mixing the solution as well as in spraying the brightener into the wood. Start from the top rails down to the boards. After spraying the brightener, there’s no need rinsing it with water.

5. Seal your deck

After cleaning the deck, the next thing to do is to seal it. Again, the seal that you should use would depend on the type of the surface of your deck. Make sure to use the seal appropriate to the surface material to obtain the best results. If there’s sealant present in your deck, you should remove it first before applying the new sealant. Choose sealant that repels water to avoid rotting of the wood. Applying sealant is recommended especially during extreme weather condition.

Keeping the deck clean isn’t an easy job. It requires knowledge and skills to carry out the job well. If you don’t have idea about cleaning the deck, you can hire someone who can do the job for you. Maintaining the deck is as important as maintaining the entire house. This will make the structure last for longer time. It’s essential to invest in cleaning your deck to preserve its beautiful appearance.

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