The Right Way of Mowing the Lawn

Proper mowing can make a big difference on the health and appearance of the lawn, but oftentimes, it is overlooked. Mowing is beneficial for the growth of the grass, but different kinds of grass have different trimming requirements. That’s why it’s important to know the type of grass planted in your lawn so that you’ll know the right cutting height. Cutting the grass too low can restrict the growth of roots and increases the possibility for damage caused by traffic, insect, drought and disease.

mow the lawn

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Height matters

Each type of grass has a recommended mowing heights. As a rule of thumb, during cooler weather, the grass should be cut lower. The standard mowing height is between 2 ½ inches to 3 inches and during summer, the upper range should be considered. Mowing the lawn at higher heights may reduce weed problems keeping the grass look much better.

Proper timing

Proper timing is another thing to consider in lawn mowing. It depends on the growth rate of the grass. Cutting the grass when wet is not recommended, while it is advised to mow the grass at least twice a week in spring. Avoid cutting the grass leaf more than one-third in a single cutting.

Grass clippings

Many homeowners were confused whether to collect the grass clippings or not. Cutting the right height of the grass regularly doesn’t require collecting the clippings. There’s nothing to worry about because grass clipping decompose naturally into the soil as it contains almost 80% of water. The nutrients in the clippings are enough to fertilize the soil.

Right mower

Using the right mower is the key to mowing the lawn the right way. Most home lawns are using rotary mowers. You can also find this type of mower with bag attachments. Mower with sharp blade can cut the grass cleanly, thus giving an even appearance to the lawn ,at the same time reduces the possibility of disease.

Mowing when the heat is of the sun is extreme can damage the grass. In the same manner, cutting the grass when wet won’t only damage the mower but also leave unsightly clumps. It is also recommended to mow in different patterns to keep the grass healthier and prevent soil compaction. However, alternate mowing direction can also be considered to prevent developing ruts in your lawn.

Proper mowing isn’t that simple to do as it can make or break the appearance of your lawn. Mowing incorrectly can make your lawn struggling. Scalping the lawn should be avoided otherwise it would be prone to weed infestation. Likewise, the root system is also affected caused by high temperatures and drought.

Mower’s Movement

When mowing hills or slopes, it’s important to ensure stability in moving up and down. Likewise, the speed of the mower should be fully controlled. Low speed is ideal for turning corners and trimming borders, while medium speed should be used in wide open area. Keeping the grass properly cut isn’t the only thing to maintain the appearance of the lawn. There are other lawn mowing techniques that can help in bringing back the nutrients to the soil. Grass-cycling is an alternative way of fertilizing the soil.

mow the lawn

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Keeping the lawn beautiful throughout the year is very challenging. But, as long as you have ideas about the proper way of cutting grass, then you can expect for better results. If you think you can’t manage and maintain your lawn, the best thing to do is to hire a professional service and set a schedule for mowing your lawn. Keep in mind that the appearance of the lawn greatly affects your home and the entire property. That’s why if you have plan of re-selling your home, then you should invest in maintaining your lawn.

Mowing the lawn following strict rule can be taxing at first. However, once you get the hang of it, the next time you mow would be fun and exciting. The key is to ensure that the blade of the mower is sharp and is operating smoothly. This will spare you from any trouble in cutting the grass. If it’s your first time to use a mower, you can seek help from someone who knows how to operate it.

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