May 18, 2016

Speedy and Slow Home Improvements

Home improvement is not as easy as you think. The mere fact that  you already have the old or original structure which should be repaired or improved does not mean that it will already be easy for you to proceed with the home renovations or repairs. Some people even claim that constructing a house is easier than improving or repairing it.

If you’re thinking to improve or repair your house you have to consult a contractor or an engineer or anyone who knows what to do and how to really do it. Don’t do it yourself, especially if you have no experience about house construction, improvements and repairs.

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Assess the house

If you consider improving or repairing your house, you have to identify the part of the house that needs repairs first. This will help you and the engineer or contractor decide if it has to be a major or a minor improvement. After giving all the details to your engineer, he will be able to give you the total cost of the proposed home improvement or repair. He will also be able to give you the time frame or project duration to finish the project.

Be productive

Some home improvement is not easy, especially when the integral part of the house is already affected. In most cases, home improvement or doing house repair will be more meticulous to handle. It will also take more time to complete the whole improvement and house repair process. However, with the proper management and skills of the labor force, your home improvement project will be completed even before the target date of completion will expire.

With this flow of work, you can congratulate your engineer and yourself for a job well done. However, if somewhere along the way your project engineer has trouble following the scope of work he has presented to you, you have all the reasons to worry and doubt that the project will be completed as scheduled.

Recognize slow projects

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No matter how hard you try to quicken the pace of your renovations, you should also try to be aware that there are just some projects that are meant to be slow moving. These include the following:

  1. Remodeling or improving the basement will take about 8.5 weeks or longer to be completed because there are many things to do before the engineer or contractor can start working on the project. The whole area must be cleared and cleaned first. The floors, insulation, plumbing works and waterproofing must also be considered. For instance, installation of water lines to remove water is already time consuming and is already a part of the whole project.

It is also important to consider the electrical fixtures, masonry, foundation, gutters and drainage because it will affect work activities in improving your basement. If all of these need to be undertaken, improving your basement will take 4 months to complete.

2. Improving or repairing your kitchen and bathroom will also be time consuming. The plumbing fixtures must be given attention, especially if it will be a major improvement or major repair. Another aspect that you must look into will be the cabinets, countertops, appliances and fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom. Cabinet or counter top installation will not be easy, especially if all you have to do is to replace or remodel it. Cabinet installation is a complex project, especially if you’re considering to have a sleek, built-in cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. A stock cabinet will also take time to complete.

3. Deck installation is another scope of work that will take time to complete if proper management of the work is not followed. The electrical fixtures, gutters and ceiling must be considered before working on the deck installation. Under normal circumstances deck building will take about 2 ½ weeks to complete.

The foundation of the existing and the proposed deck installation must be considered because it will affect the installation of your deck.

Consider demolition if necessary

Demolition jobs of existing structures (including cabinets, closets and counter tops) and cleaning the whole area before starting the construction activities must be given enough time to have everything in tip-top shape before the actual work starts.

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