June 19, 2016

Why is my Salt Water Pool Cloudy and Solution?

There are a lot of people right now who are switching to the use of saltwater pool instead of the usual freshwater pool because of the lesser amount of chemicals that are needed in order to maintain the pool.

Aside from maintenance, people prefer salt water pools more because they do not have to worry about acquiring some chemical irritations because of the chemicals that are placed in freshwater pool.  Those who are sensitive usually acquire some skin and eye problems when they are exposed to chemicals used in pools.

Still, this does not mean that salt water pool is always the better option. One of the problems that people encounter with it is cloudy water. Do you know the reasons why salt water pools can become cloudy? Here are some of the possible reasons:

Salt Water Pool Cloudy

1.    Dirty Filter

The filter of your pool is meant to remove the impurities that are found in your own pool. There are different types of filtration devices that you may have. There will be times when the filtration device would also need to be cleaned so that it can do its job well. If you would not clean it, all the impurities that it has removed from your pool will come back to your pool again. The dirty water will re-enter the pool and it will cause your water to become cloudy.

2.    Algae

While algae is more common in freshwater pool as compared to salt water pool, it may still happen. When you have too much algae found on your pool, you will have a cloudy pool. There are even times when your pool may even turn green.  If you would like to get rid of this problem, there are some products that you can use particularly algaecide products that can remove the algae from your pool fast.

3.    Too Much Use

You have to remember that too much usage of the pool can always cause the pool to become cloudy. There are a lot of foreign substances that will be mixing in with the salt water. You cannot tell your guests to stop using sunscreen before they enter your pool. You also cannot force them to shower before swimming inside your pool. When there is too much foreign substances available, this will make your pool become cloudy. In order to get rid of the cloudy water of your pool based on this, you need to use chlorine in order to get rid of the problem.

4.    pH Level

There is a big chance that the pH level of your pool cannot be considered acceptable anymore due to a wide variety of reasons. If you are determined to keep your salt water pool, you need to make sure that it stays within the required levels. You may purchase test strips from drugstores to test the pH level of your pool. A normal salt water pool should fall within the range of 7.2 – 7.8. If in case you are not sure about what you are going to do, you can always adjust the alkaline levels to make it work.

5.    The Environment

You may think that the trees that are within the parameters of your pool will not cause your water to become cloudy because you regularly remove the leaves but when the leaves fall, it might have other particles that can contribute to how cloudy or clear your water looks. You cannot expect other animals that can fly or can be within the parameters of your pool to not contribute to how your pool looks like. One great way in order to stop this from happening is by making sure that you will have a pool cover that is clean that you can place on your pool when you are not using it.

You may think that your water will not turn cloudy because you keep your pool well maintained but even those who regularly clean their pools still get this issue. Aside from the possible treatments mentioned above, here are other treatments that you can do:

  • Correctly Vacuum Your Pool
    You can make use of a pool vacuum in order to remove the dirt that have accumulated on your pool but you just cannot vacuum it without knowing how you are going to do it properly. Make sure that you set the filter on the waste option. This means that the dirty water that you are removing from your pool will not go back through the system.


  • Make Use of a Pool Clarifier
    There are a lot of pool clarifiers that you can purchase. Choose the product which you think will work best for your pool and this can already be effective for you. You can use the pool clarifier weekly. The use of the pool clarifier can remove tiny particles from your water that may cause your water to look cloudy. Some pool clarifiers can even bind some tiny particles together so that they can become bigger and can be removed easily.

With all of the available options in mind, you may easily solve your problem of having a cloudy pool. You can bring back the beauty of your pool again and enjoy.

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