December 30, 2016

How to Keep Birds Away: The Best Tips and Tricks

How to keep birds away

There are many different types of pests that can give you trouble around your house, but one type that you might not consider right away are birds. Birds can cause damage, spread disease, and be a general nuisance for your home. If you’re having any level of bird trouble, it’s a good idea to learn how to keep birds away before they become a very serious issue!

How Birds Can Cause Problems for Your Home

It’s important to keep birds away and the remove the ones which are already around in order to keep your house safe and your family healthy. Birds may be beautiful to look at or fun to watch outside, but outdoor birds aren’t meant to live in close corridors with humans.Birds are carriers of many different diseases that can infect humans through droppings and other messes left around. Even if the droppings don’t directly get on you, they can be a problem when in gardens with edible produce, swimming pools, or other areas that will have contact with you

In addition to diseases, many tiny ectoparasites attach themselves to birds and may end up in your home. This includes mites, ticks, lice and fleas! Beyond these unpleasant potential issues, birds also tend to create fire hazards, block drains, and just make a mess of things around the house. For these reasons and more, it’s best if the birds stay outside and away from your house altogether.

Keeping Birds Away from the Outside of Your House

Stopping birds from nesting on the outside of your home can be difficult, because they have easy access to every part of the structure. However, difficult does not mean it’s impossible. There are a few humane strategies you can do that will ward off birds without hurting them.

- Place fake predators around the roof

It’s been shown that plastic owls around the ledges of the house will scare off many common birds that want to hang around your house. However, this method requires that you move the plastic representations around every few weeks, so that the birds don’t ever get used to seeing them in the same spot. If you fail to move the fake predators around occasionally, they will stop working over time as the birds get use to them.

- Install bird spikes

One way to keep birds from spending time around your roof, chimney, and otherwise is to install bird spikes around the flat spaces of your roof and house. Bird spikes don’t actually hurt the animals at all, but they do prevent them from landing on the ledges. When birds can’t land on an area, they will not be able to nest there or spend any time loitering.

- Put in gutter guards

A lot of smaller birds create nests in your rain gutters, which is a huge hassle to fix. To help solve this problem, you can cover your gutters with bird-proof gutter guards. These guards will close off the potential nesting area, making the place less attractive for birds.

- Place windsocks, flags, and other wind items around the roof

Birds can easily be scared off by objects that move in the wind. Decorative wind socks and flags are great options for this, as they will wave around whenever the wind blows. Place them in a few locations around the roof, and the birds will be scared off by the sudden movements.

- Hang bird nets

If the birds just keep coming back, you can hang bird nets around in areas they usually go. Bird nets do not harm the birds, but simply block them from going into certain areas. This is most effective for closed areas like a porch, deck, or chimney.

- Remove things that might be attracting birds to stay

There is a chance that you’re actually encouraging the birds to come and stay by keeping their favorite foods or a great water source nearby your house. If this is the case, removing these things may help to solve your problem.

- Re-direct the birds

In other cases, you can use the birds’ needs against them by drawing them away from the house into another area. Place a bird bath, bird feeder, and even birdhouses far away from your house to draw the critters to a designated area for them to nest, rather than letting them go free-for-all at your home.

How to Keep Birds Away from the Inside of Your House

What if the birds are inside the house and not outside? The previous strategies won’t work as well, but you can try these another trick about how to keep birds away from the inside of your home instead:

- Seal openings around the house

The most obvious thing to try first is to close up any openings around your house. You may not know that there is an opening, but if birds are coming in then there’s a high likelihood that you’ll find one or two upon closer inspection. If you manage to close up all the holes in your home, you can also get the added benefit of a more efficient HVAC system.

- Get a pet cat

Cats are notoriously good bird-catchers; even the birds themselves know it. A pet cat that’s allowed to roam outside and inside will help to scare off any birds that are trying to nest or settle in your home. This is not an effective solution if the problem is in your attic, though, as cats are unlikely to go there on their own.

- Keep doors closed

It might sound silly, but birds do need to come in somehow, right? If you have a habit of leaving doors open for any reason, whether for long or short periods of time, then this might be how the birds are getting into your home in the first place. Closing the doors will keep them away if this is the case.

- Install window screens

Similar to the door closing, putting in window screens gives birds no chance of flying into your home on those warm days when the windows are wide open. If you don’t have screens, there is nothing to block them during the day. With screens, they will be kept outside where they belong!

- Play noises inside

Birds tend not to like certain noises and sounds that you can play through a set of speakers. This may not be the best method to start with, because the noises can also irritate you, but if all else fails you can give it a try.


Do you have a problem with birds in or around your house? I hope these tips have helped you learn more about how to keep birds away, so you can have a peaceful, healthy home once again!

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